• Advocacy among government bodies, related institutions and global organisations– The aim of the organisation is to create a network with all those institutional bodies that are in unanimity with the conservation of wetlands and to develop together.
  • Motivating the people, especially the students towards wetland conservation and its wise use– The organization also aims to teach the youth of today the importance of wetland conservation and to provide them with research opportunities where they can apply themselves.
  • Field survey and research on wetlands and its various applications– The focus of the organization will remain on research and the application of the research to better the life of the community that lives there and is directly affected by it.
  • Awareness campaigns– Spreading awareness among the majority of the people of the city regarding the threat to the environment and their role in its protection through research is a primary agenda of the organization.
  • Collaborating with NGOs having similar goals – A united effort is seen as more fruitful in terms of its effect for the purpose of teaching the youth regarding the protection of the wetlands and in terms of its effect upon the welfare of the wetland community.
  • Organising livelihood trainings for the weaker section – We wish to train the community that resides in the wetlands in basic livelihood skills so as to empower them.
  • Scope for volunteering activities-The organization is voluntary in nature and aims to aid directly in the development of individuals dedicated towards the effort of conservation.
  • Creative opportunities for ecological ventures– The organization encourages new ideas for research and aims to provide an avenue for any creative ventures that individuals may have which will further the knowledge and efforts of the community.