Participate in a unique effort by being a patron for an ecosystem that helps you survive.

You guessed right. Kolkata’s very existence is guaranteed by a peri-urban ecosystem whose demonstrable benefit is saving crores of rupees/ a few million dollars every year in sewage treatment costs. So the only tax you pay is an annual property tax to reside in this city, and many do not need to pay even that.

The East Kolkata Wetlands is the most extensive biological sewage treatment plant that treats municipal sewage in a comprehensive way, and ensures livelihood security for thousands of marginalised people. It produces plentiful inexpensive food, especially fish and vegetables and also Basil, which is famed for its medicinal properties.

This one-of-a-kind living heritage is in danger, being recklessly exploited because we do not realise its worth and fish farming is becoming increasingly threatened.

To counter this decay, we are keen to develop a model fish pond or bheri as it is called. The bheri below will be our conservation centre-piece. Your patronage will help us re-do this bheri – first emptying out the pond, correctly shaping the landscape and topography, treating the pond bottom, re-flowing the water and releasing high-quality fish fingerlings into it. Imagine the delight when the fish grow and find their way into the plates of your loved ones!

Our target is to raise Rs 20 lakh. We entreat you to be kind to the ecosystem and people that nurtures us all. Remember, we can only receive money in Indian currency. We also have not yet got permission for income tax relief u/s 80G.

Our details are:

Name of Organisation: Society for Creative Opportunities and Participatory Ecosystems

Bank – Punjab National Bank, Dhakuria branch

A/c no – 0089010292016

IFSC code – PUNB0008920