Workstream – 2 Information and documentation

Activity – Research and publication

  • Prepared a course module in collaboration with Jadavpur University for a European Union funded project called E-QUAL (Enhancing Quality, Access and Governance of Undergraduate Education in India). The university partners were Ambedkar University Delhi, Jadavpur University, King’s College London, Shiv Nadar University, University of Bologna (Italy) and University of Hyderabad. The project activities were implemented in four key disciplines – Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Human Ecology, Natural Resource Management & Sustainable Development.
  • Research and report preparation on the state of encroachment and land use change in Bhagabanpur mouza, which saw a 4-fold increase in population from 2001 to 2011. This involved extensive use of GIS platform and ground truth verification of mouza maps. Overall, three land use maps were produced – one on the year of Ramsar declaration, the next on the year of formation of EKWMA and the final one on the year of doing the field work i.e 2016.
    (The full report can be found here-
  • A small piece of research done with West Bengal State University titled Kolkata’s Solid Waste Management: KMC Model

Activity – Survey

Livestock and nutrition survey for 3 tribal mouzas in 2017 –to gather information regarding their livestock rearing practices, their mortality rates, financial viability of the livestock rearing practice

Survey of the impact of producing rice from high yielding variety seeds in 2 tribal  hamlets in EKW

Complete enumeration of Hatgachha mouza on questions of drinking water, sewage-based livelihood and health issues

Activity – Mapping

Mapping of the entire EKW area and the canals that need de-siltation.

Outcome – the map that has been produced along with the Briefing Note written has been used as an input for the Integrated Management Plan.

Activity – Awareness generation

Documentary film making

A City by the Side of a Wetland made in 2015

East Kolkata Wetlands: Squandering Conservation made in 2017

From Farm to Housing made in 2021

  • Guided tours for educational institutions – both city-based and international schools, colleges and universities

This has been going on for the past 6 years and has included students at school, college, university and professional levels, ranging from Kolkata city to the US and Germany! Like with every other field of activity, this has been a learning experience for us. We have learnt that one-time lessons can be an eye-opener but to give to this ecosystem, one needs to take an abiding interest in it. That is an uphill task.

  • Collaborated on assembling an exhibition on EKW called Travelling Dialogue in partnership with Disappearing Dialogues LLP and the German Consulate, Kolkata

This was done to bring both environmental and climate sensitivity with respect to the East Kolkata Wetlands, and send a message to the schools and colleges of Kolkata regarding their environmental heritage. Held in the 3rd week of September 2019, this just preceded Climate Action Week in Germany.