The Team

We are a small core team closely knit with the wetland community, ties that we have been building for over a decade. Here we are.

  • Sakti Prasad Datta, the president of SCOPE, is a retired civil engineer who worked for his entire professional career with the Department of Irrigation and Waterways, Government of West Bengal. He has an extensive understanding of the East Kolkata Wetlands and the functions performed by them.
  • Proshanta Kumar Ghosh is the Secretary of SCOPE. He is a teacher at a rural school and a wetland researcher with a focus on the relationship between rivers and wetlands, as well as coastal wetlands and their status in eastern India.
  • Sushanta Biswas is the Treasurer of SCOPE. He is a physician by training.
  • Debashish Dalui, a member of the wetland community, is one of the oldest associates of SCOPE.
  • Indrani Khan is a researcher working on research focused on the East Kolkata Wetlands. She has a background in Environmental Science and is a doctoral candidate at IIEST Shibpur.
  • Dhruba Das Gupta is a wetland researcher with over two decades of association with the East Kolkata Wetlands. She is currently involved in research at IIEST Shibpur and is the Project Director of SCOPE.