The Team

We are a small core team closely knit with the wetland community, ties that we have been building for over a decade. Here we are.

  • Sandeepan Biswas is the President of SCOPE. As serendipity would have it, he was born on World Wetlands Day. He is from a pharmaceuticals background but with a commitment to improving livelihood activity support for the wetland people.
  • Proshanta Kumar Ghosh is the Secretary of SCOPE. He is a teacher at a rural school and a wetland researcher with a focus on the relationship between rivers and wetlands, as well as coastal wetlands and their status in eastern India.
  • Sushanta Biswas is the Treasurer of SCOPE. He is a physician by training.
  • Siddhartha Sen is a member with an interest in filmmaking and a deep-seated love for nature and folk culture. He is an avid photographer.
  • Debashish Dalui, a member of the wetland community, is one of the oldest associates of SCOPE.
  • Indrani Khan is a researcher working on research focused on the East Kolkata Wetlands. She has a background in Environmental Science and is a doctoral candidate at IIEST Shibpur.
  • Dhruba Das Gupta is a wetland researcher with over two decades of association with the East Kolkata Wetlands. She is currently involved in research at IIEST Shibpur and is the Project Director of SCOPE.