How was it possible to permanently etch the continuous appeal of the East Kolkata Wetlands in the global sensibility? After all, nobody knew of this place for so many decades, and it was steeped in complete oblivion. The answer undoubtedly lies in one man’s unwavering efforts – that of late Dhrubajyoti Ghosh.
As a mark of respect for our ecosystem and its preserver, we have collected together the writings of the late Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, which are a must read for all those who want to understand the relationship between an ecosystem and its sustainability.
Ghosh was an ecological thinker, and some of the finest writings about ecological theory, practice and its sustainable development need to be remembered and re-visited. An assortment of his writings – on sustainability, on ecology and on the wetlands – including some of his best Bengali writings, have been included here.

Newspaper articles

  1. Sustainable Impoverishment’ (Eco Watch) – May 30, 1992 (The Saturday Statesman)
  2. ‘Queries for UNEP’ – August 7, 1993 (The Statesman)
  3. ‘The Not-so-Alluring Cities’ – December 26, 1992 (The Statesman)
  4. ‘Subsidy Dilemma’ – March 12, 1992 (The Statesman)
  5. ‘Break the Chain’ – June 5, 1993 (The Statesman)
  6. ‘Fourth World’: Planning for Wetland Wise Use – December 5, 1993 (The Sunday Statesman)
  7. ‘UN honours city scientist’ – report on Dr Dhrubajyoti Ghosh in The Telegraph, June 6, 1990
  8. ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ – February 27, 1993 (The Statesman)
  9. ‘Environmental Conservation: a look at the rural scenario’ – May 27, 1999 (The Financial Express)
  10. ‘Grassroots need attention’ – 30 May 2001 (The Statesman)
  11. ‘Think ecosystems to save the Ganga’ – D Ghosh interview in Civil Society (Vol 8 No 3)
  12. ‘It is the farmers’ turn to reduce pollution’ – Farmer’s Forum (Vol 10, No 9 March-April 2011)
  13. ‘Breaking the cycle of exclusion’ – The Statesman (6 May 2010)
  14. ‘How to keep a river clean’ – Civil Society (Vol 5 No 9, July 2008)
  15. ‘Cultivating Uncertainty’ – The Statesman (7 and 8 June 2011) 


Website writeups

  1.  Calcutta Wetlands: Turning Bad Water into Good – Changemaker (October 1998)
  2. Calcutta Wetlands Project – BBC Worldservice (February 2003)

Journal articles by D Ghosh

  1. Ecological history of Calcutta’s Wetland Conservation – Environmental Conservation (1990)
  2. Deconstructing the process of urbanisation in West Bengal – April 2011
  3. ‘Pollution from Non-Point Sources in Ganga Basin: A Community-based Potential for Managing the Unmarked Crisis’ – paper based on presentation at seminar on Community Development in the Ganga Basin in response to Climate Change, jointly organised at Kolkata by Monash University and the Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata on 23 September 2010,
  4. Wastewater utilisation in East Calcutta Wetlands, UWEP occasional paper (Commissioned by WASTE, The Netherlands, July 1999)
  5. Resource-Conserving Traditions and Waste Disposal: the Garbage Farms and Sewage-Fed Fisheries of Calcutta (in Conservation & Recycling, Vol.7, No.2-4, pp.159-165, 1984)

Bengali writing

  1. Writing on work in the Kumari Command area, in Anushtup  Bengali magazine, Autumn 2010 edition,

Book cover

Two scanned book covers, front and back of ‘Ecology and Traditional Wetland Practice: Lessons from Wastewater Utilisation in the East Calcutta Wetlands’